Top 10 Super Luxury Cars

4) McLaren P1

McLaren P1 - 2017

McLaren set out to create the ultimate driver’s car and realized that vision in the P1. Evolved from a legacy of motor racing and designed for performance, the P1’s only external styling is its aerodynamics. The car’s cabin is a cockpit and the roof has an air intake to feed the engine.


The P1’s racing seats were specially designed for the car with ultra lightweight carbon fibre shells. The seat backs are locked at a 28-degree angle for optimum comfort and performance. The interior is mostly carbon fibre. Three TFT screens with four switchable modes are available to customize and display the instrumentation.

P1 is the first hybrid luxury car and one of the most technologically advanced ever. Among other things, the car features an Instant Power Assist System (IPAS) to sharpen the throttle response. Stability at high speeds is enhanced by the P1’s active aerodynamics and race active chassis control (RCC).

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