Top 10 Luxury Sports Cars

1)Porsche Cayman

Image : Serious Wheels

The new 718 Cayman is powerful, efficient and sleek. This mid-engined roadster is now available with an extended color range and updated styling that makes the car look wider.

The Cayman’s bite comes from a four-cylinder turbocharged boxster engine, which is horizontally opposed for the lowest center of mass. The engine has been upgraded to produce more torque, and to go to a higher rpm limit with less fuel consumption. The Cayman now has 300 hp and a top speed of 170 mph. Moreover, the engine sits no more than 30 cm behind the driver.

The new Cayman is also more sporty and nimble. A sportier chassis setup, a new sports exhaust system, and an optional GT sports steering wheel ensure that the car is geared for sporty performance all round. Porsche have shortened the distance between the wheel and the gear lever, and fundamentally revised the car’s communication management with a 7-inch multi touchscreen.


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