Top 10 High Horsepower Sports cars

1) Pagani Huayra BC

Pagani Huayra BC
Photo credit: TheCarSpy  / CC BY

Pagani unveiled the Huayra in 2012 to replace their flagship car, the Zonda. By early 2015 all 100 units they had produced were sold out. In 2016 Pagani released the BC version of the Huayra. Lighter and more powerful than the standard Huayra, the BC was Pagani’s fastest and most powerful creation till date. The BC improved upon the Huayra’s 6.0 liter twin turbocharged V12 to pump out 739 hp. That is 60 hp more than the standard version. The AMG engine produces a massive 737 lb⋅ft of torque. The BC can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds flat. Its top speed is 230 mph.

Pagani also managed to shave 132 kilograms off the Huayra by using a new type of carbon fiber shell, which they claim is also stronger. In the end the BC weighed-in at just 1,218 kg, making it the lightest supercar in the world.

The “BC” suffix is meant to honor Pagani’s old friend and the buyer of his first car, the late Benny Caiola. The Huayra BC will be a limited edition with a production run capped at merely 20 units. The small batch combined with a price tag of US $2.5 million each makes the BC exceptionally exclusive.

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