Top 10 City Cars

8) Volkswagen Up

Volkswagen Up 2017
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Ever since its launch in 2011 the VW Up has been a popular city car in Europe. It measures-up well to the stringent EU environmental standards without compromising on performance or interior comfort aspects. VW offers the car in a range of variants including one powered by natural gas.


With the right app installed, Volkswagen’s smartphone car dock connects to the internet for navigation maps and infotainment with multiple functionalities. A rapid handwriting recognition feature supported by the VW app is meant to prevent distracting the driver from paying attention to the road.

The car’s sporty interiors remain customizable with a choice of upholstery, dash pad designs, ambient lighting, and so on. A multifunction steering wheel puts the driver firmly in command. The Up also comes with a range of exterior trims and designer alloy wheels.

Advanced safety features make the Up one of the safest cars in its class. Power and fuel consumption also meet high standards.

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